A Guide to Different Types of Actuator-Operated Valves

A Guide to Different Types of Actuator-Operated Valves

In a world of industrial products and automation, valves play an important role in controlling the flow of various fluids and gases. Actuator-driven valves in particular have become essential components to enhance performance, safety, and accuracy in many applications This guide aims to provide a comprehensive overview of actuator-driven valves, their function, and their functions

What about Actuator-Operated Valves?

An actuator-driven valve is a valve that is equipped with a mechanism called an actuator, which allows automatic and remote control of valve operation The actuator can be electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, or manual even. The main purpose of these valves is to improve the flow rate in the process, thus improving the efficiency of the system.

Actuators offer many advantages over manual valves, such as faster response time, more accurate control, remote operation, and the ability to integrate with automatic control systems Let’s explore the different types of actuator-operated valves and explore their unique characteristics.

1. Electric actuator-operated valve

Electric motors are widely used for ease of installation and control. They are powered by electrical devices and can be operated using a variety of mechanisms, such as switches, relays, or programmable logic controllers (PLCs). There are basically two types of electrical actuators: on/off actuators and modulating actuators.

- On/Off Actuators: These actuators operate in binary mode ie. completely open or completely closed. They are typically used in applications that require easy open/close monitoring, such as manufacturing plants, washrooms, and HVAC systems.

- Modulating actuators: Modulating actuators provide continuous control of valve position, allowing precise regulation of fluid flow. It is used in applications requiring precision and accuracy, such as industrial manufacturing, chemical processing, and electrical equipment.

2. Pneumatic actuator-operated valve

Air conditioners are powered by compressed air and are known for their speed and reliability. It is widely used in applications where a non-explosive environment is important. Pneumatic actuators can also be divided into on/off modulating types.

- On/Off Actuators: These actuators use air pressure to move the valve between fully open and fully closed positions. They are commonly found in applications such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage manufacturing, and wastewater treatment.

- Modulating actuators: Pneumatic modulating actuators provide flexible and precise control over valve positioning. It is commonly used in industries where fast response time and failure-free operation are critical, such as oil and gas production, chemical plants, and refineries

3. Hydraulic actuator-operated valve

Hydraulic actuators use hydraulic fluid to control valve movement. They are known for their high capacity, making them suitable for large and heavy valves in industrial situations.

- Hydraulic Actuators: Hydraulic actuators are commonly used in heavy-duty applications, such as large hydraulic systems, dam operations, and pipeline networks

4. Manual override and failure-protection mechanism

Actuator-driven valves typically come equipped with manual override mechanisms. These systems allow the valve to be operated manually in the event of an electrical or system failure, providing a fail-safe procedure. The manual override ensures that the action can always be continued or stopped in an emergency.


Actuator-operated valves are essential components of modern industrial systems, providing improved control, safety, and performance. Understanding the types of actuators and their applications allows engineers and operators to choose the most appropriate valve for a specific need.

Factors such as system requirements, fluid characteristics, operating conditions, and system compatibility should be considered when selecting an actuator-driven valve Always consult valve manufacturers and experts to ensure that you choose a valve and that an actuator is used effectively to incorporate into your mechanical applications

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