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Oswal Industries Limited is a leading manufacturer of Hydrogen Valves.

What are Hydrogen (H2) Ball Valves

A hydrogen valve are used to store or transport hydrogen at very low temperatures or at very high pressures.

Oswal Valve Industries being one of the leading Hydrogen valve suppliers has gained the utmost importance around the globe. In hydrogen fueling stations, these components are critical for safety as they control how hydrogen gas flows. During an emergency resulting from hydrogen leakage or release, valves are critical for shutting down systems.

Modern hydrogen applications demand durable valves. Apart from the challenges with the medium hydrogen, they often also have to operate reliably under high pressure or at extremely low temperatures. There are a few challenges encountered by Industries at various stages. As hydrogen valve manufacturers, we ensure that the valves are designed to withstand all kinds of problems.s

Hydrogen has traditionally been used in Oil & Gas applications such as, Petroleum refining, Glass purification, Fertilizer production etc. For many years, these hydrogen applications have constituted a stable market for valve manufacturers. Hydrogen has been highly used as an energy carrier for a long time now. Since hydrogen has been around for a long time, containers, pipes, and valves have had to meet increasingly high performance demands in modern applications. Few of these applications need gas storage at high pressure and low temperatures.

Hydrogen Valve

Technical Specification of Hydrogen Valves.

The valves that are used under extreme conditions demand specially designed valves so they can have reliable performance under extreme conditions.

Hydrogen Service’s castings are highly endorsed forRadiographic quality. The joints of Body, Bonnet, Cover and Stuffing box shall have low emission, so it shall be Helium leak tested as per ASME Section V (Detector probe technique)

Brinell hardness shall not exceed 200 BHN for Carbon steel and 225 BHN for Alloy steel. Charpy V notch impact testing is to be done for valve material of CS and AS.

SS castings must be solution heat treated and pickled condition. Critical body-bonnet sections must be radiographed. DP shall be done for SS castings.

Hydrogen's extremely flammable nature and ability to weaken metals present significant challenges in valve design and construction.

During the construction of hydrogen valves, metals and non-metals must be compatible with hydrogen and must not be vulnerable to hydrogen embrittlement during further processing.

Hydrogen Valve
Hence, it is necessary to test the valves to ensure if they are free from any leakage.Hydrogen valve manufacturers make sure to fabricate them by keeping safety measures in view.

If valves for hydrogen service are selected with certain considerations in mind, they can be safely operated for an extended period of time.

During the next three decades, green hydrogen will be key to achieving a net carbon-neutral economy. In order to produce, store, transport and use hydrogen safely, hydrogen valves are crucial components.

The use of hydrogen as an energy carrier is an important part of a reduced CO2 future. The availability of safe and suitable hydrogen service valves does not hinder the achievement of this goal. Hence, get these valves from us designed to have greater endurance properties.

Our reputation as a world-class leading hydrogen valve manufacturer all over the world makes Oswal Industries Limited the best choice.

We have supplied hydrogen valves to the following industries.

Hydrogen Valves for Oil &  Gas industries

Oil & Gas industries
including Up, Mid and Downstream

Hydrogen Valves for LNG


Hydrogen Valves for Petrochemicals


Hydrogen Valves for Fertilizers


Hydrogen Valves for Pharma