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Oswal Industries Limited is world's leading manufacturer, supplier & exporter of Cryogenic Valves

Cryogenic Valves

While Cryogenic valves are meant for low temperature application, it also has to deal with corresponding pressure and designed to take care of line fluid specific properties as well. The cryogenic valves are generally used for Hydrogen, Nitrogen, LNG, CNG, Oxygen etc.

Oswal Industries Limited is the world’s leading manufacturer,supplier, and exporter of cryogenic valves. Oswal cryogenic valves are suitable for low temperature up to minus 196 degree Celsius. Designed to work well with low-temperature and corresponding high-pressure applications as well. These cryogenic valves are supplied with bonnet extensions or extension columns to keep the packaging rings away from cryogenic temperatures and extension columns are being followed as per design standards.

Standard category of valves cannot be used in place of cryogenic valves. “Oswal Industries” manufactures different types of valves for cryogenic applications. Size range is extensive for Cryogenic applications for both high pressure and low-pressure class ratings. The cavity pressure relief mechanism is part of our product. This mechanism will be effective in protecting the cryogenic valve from damage if extreme pressure conditions arise. Well-equipped inhouse Cryogenic testing facility is available, even to test up to minus 196 Deg C for larger size valves as per BS 6364 / ISO 28921. Also Cryogenic valves can comply to fugitive emission requirements. SIL 3 certification is an added advantage. Cryogenic valves also can be supplied with suitable actuation system.

Get cryogenic valves from Oswal Industries who manufacturers in a wide range of metallurgies. Oswal’s Inhouse steel foundry with more than three decades of expertise and capabilities, gives an edge for competitive price and delivery. You may visit Oswal’s website and connect for your requirements.

Cryogenic Valve's Product Range

Valve Type Class Rating Size Range
Gate 150 2" to 36"
300 2" to 36"
600 2" to 24"
Globe 150 2" to 16"
300 2" to 16"
600 2" to 16"
Check 150 2" to 24"
300 2" to 24"
600 2" to 24"
Ball 150 2" to 24"
300 2" to 24"
600 2" to 24"

We have supplied cryogenic valves to the following industries.

>Oil and Gas Upstream

Oil and Gas Upstream

>Oil and Gas Midstream

Oil and Gas Midstream

>Oil and Gas Downstream

Oil and Gas Downstream

>Oil and Gas FPSO- FLNG

Oil and Gas FPSO- FLNG