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Oswal's Globe Valves

The most demanding and efficient valves are the globe valves which have the utmost importance in the field of engineering.

When it comes to buying the best globe valves then you can never go wrong with your choice when it comes to Oswal valves. We are one of the leading globe valve manufacturers that have advanced designed globe valves. Oswal’s globe valves provide you with a high degree of performance and longer life. Globe valves are one of the highly recommended valves which are considered suitable for high-pressure applications and temperature applications. Your purchase with the best globe valve manufacturing company can never go in vain. It is because our globe valve suppliers not only provide you with the globe valves but also provide you with the best services for a longer term.

Our globe valves are flexible due to their robust construction and versatile features that our globe valve manufacturing team has inhibited in them. Globe valves are highly recommended for critical applications such as hydrocarbons, severe services, cryogenic, hydrogen, oxygen, NACE, etc. Globe valves are also faster to operate in comparison to gate valves. Once you will start using Oswal globe valves, you wouldn’t want to get your hands on any other globe valve manufacturing company.

Why Oswal Industries' Globe Valves

We manufacture globe valves in a wide range of sizes and use exotic materials in their fabrication. All kinds of globe valves are available on our website, you will be provided with only the certified globe valves. We take our products to all kinds of testing in terms of their flexibility, quality, durability, etc. It is so that our customers are only provided with the best quality products without having to compromise on anything. Globe valves are generally used where moderate control or regulation of flow is required. It is put there in the best practices so you can receive a better outcome and higher competence. If you are looking for the top globe valve exporters that can provide you with high-quality globe valves, then Oswal Valves is the place for you. The valves are marked with flow direction since they are recommended to install with the flow in the direction that the disc follows. Not only this but these valves can also be installed in a reverse direction depending upon the conditions that emerge in certain situations. Our globe valve manufacturers make the best use of advanced technology and provide you with highly efficient gate valves.

Globe Valves Product Range

Cast and Forge Globe Valves

Valve Type Class Rating Size Range
Globe 150# 2" to 24"
Globe 300# 2" to 24"
Globe 600# 2" to 12"
Globe 800# 1/2" to 2"
Globe - Pressure Seal 900# 1/2" to 12"
Globe - Pressure Seal 1500# 1/2" to 12"
Globe - Pressure Seal 2500# 2" to 4"
Globe - Cryogenic 150# 2" to 16"
Globe - Cryogenic 300# 2" to 16"
Globe - Cryogenic 600# 2" to 16"

Oswal's Globe Valves Technical Specification

Design Standard

BS 1873

Face to Face

ANSI B16.10

Pressure & Temperature Chart

ASME B16.34

Testing Standard

API 598 / EN 12266

Flanged End

ASME B 16.5

Butt Weld End

ASME B 16.25

Valves can be supplied with Socket weld and Screwed ends as per the standards

We have supplied gave valves to the following industries.

Globe Valves for various industries

Oil & Gas industries
including Up, Mid and Downstream

Globe Valves for LNG Industry


Globe Valves for FPSO Industry


Globe Valves for Power Industry


Globe Valves for Petrochemicals Industry


Globe Valves for Fertilizers Industry


Globe Valves for Steel Industry


Globe Valves for Paper & Pulp Industry

Paper & Pulp

Globe Valves for Pharma Industry