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Check Valves

The check valve is a type of direction control valve as it is primarily used to control the direction of the fluid flowing inside the pipe. It is a unidirectional valve that allows liquid to flow in only one direction.

A manufacturer of high-quality check valves at reasonable prices, Oswal Industries produces high-quality check valves.

Oswal Industries is one of the world's leading check valve manufacturers and suppliers. There won’t be any compromise in terms of quality because our check valve sellers only sell certified valves for a better customer experience. Check valves are activated by line fluid pressure and closed by gravity. The back pressure of lime fluid also facilitates sealing. The components of check valves include the body, cover plate, disc, body seats, nuts, stud bolts, gasket, etc. All these components are put together to form a full-fledged check valve. Check valves are also known as non-return valves as the direction of the working fluid is unidirectional as mentioned. It does not allow the working fluid to flow in the other direction. Get the highest quality check valves from the top check valve manufacturer. We entertain our clients not only at the time of their purchase from us but also after that. We make sure that you are provided with the highest quality services for as long as you need them.

Why Oswal Industries' Check Valves

Oswal Industries Limited delivers all kinds of check valves such as Swing Check valves, Stop Check valves, Ball check valves, etc. Swing check valves are normally designed for horizontal installations. After studying and getting a thorough understanding of the applications, however, they can also be installed vertically. Check valves are recommended for all critical applications that involve hydrogen, oxygen, cryogenics, etc. Find the highest quality check valves with our check valve manufacturers available in a wide range of shapes and sizes at your convenience. All our products are made only of exotic materials. Depending on the situation and requests escalated during a time period, check valves can also be supplied with counterweights and dashpot arrangements. Contact us for high-quality check valves.

Product Range of Check Valve

Valve Type Class Rating Size Range
Swing Check 150# 2" to 36"
Swing Check 300# 2" to 36"
Swing Check 600# 2" to 32"
Swing Check 800# 1/2" to 2"
Swing Check - Pressure Seal 900# 1/2" to 20"
Swing Check - Pressure Seal 1500# 1/2" to 20"
Check Valve Technical Specification

Technical Specification of Check Valve

Design Standard

BS 1868

Face to Face

ANSI B16.10

Pressure & Temperature Chart

ASME B16.34

Testing Standard

API 598 / EN 12266

Flanged End

ASME B 16.5

Butt Weld End

ASME B 16.25

In accordance with standards, our Check Valves can be supplied with socket welds and screwed ends.

We have supplied check valves to the following industries.

Check valve for Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas
including Up, Mid and Downstream

Check valve for LNG


Check valve for FPSO


Check valve for Power


Check valve for Petrochemicals


Check valve for Fertilizers


Check valve for Steel


Check valve for Paper & Pulp

Paper & Pulp

Check valve for Pharma