Oswal foundry division was founded in the year 1985 to primarily make castings for the valve industry.

Our Foundry Division

Oswal Foundry is one of the Pioneers and leaders of manufacturing valve castings.

This is due to the dynamism, Innovativeness and a foresighted vision of Mr. B H Bokadia, Chairman & Managing Director, Oswal Groups.

Oswal foundry is ISO certified and has adapted Total Quality management system.

Skilled workforce under close supervision by qualified and experienced personnel ensures quality and reliability of the castings.

Our vision is to become one of the worlds largest manufacturer of industrial castings for the critical and demanding needs of Oil and gas, Refineries, Petrochemicals, Thermal and Nuclear plants.

Oswal steel foundry produces castings in carbon steel, alloy steels, stainless steel, duplex, super duplex and exotic alloys ( Nickel Based) conforming to National and International Standards, NACE being our specialty. The foundry produces casting of high end for the flow control industry having Radiography level quality and conforming to NACE standards with surface finish meeting the International standards.


Delivering Excellence Since 3 Decades.

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Foundry Division's

Service Capability

Oswal Foundry has a fully equipped pattern shop for manufacturing and rigging of patterns.

Individual high speed continuous mixer for making sand to both part phenolic and CO2 process.

Adequate material moulding facility to cater to both machine and hand moulding.

Two coreless induction crucibles each of capacity 1000 Kg and 1500 Kg coupled to a medium frequency furnace Lip pouring and bottom pouring.

Gas fired and Oil fired furnace with pid controller for temperature controlling for heat treatment.

A battery of grinders of various sizes for finishing operations.

48" & 72" table type shot blasting machine for carbon steel, manual grit blasting facility for stainless steel casting.

Tanks for pickling and passivation.