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Top Entry Ball Valve

Oswal Industries Limited is a Top Entry Ball Valve Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter

Tired of undertaking shutdown for valve servicing?

Worry no more! Oswal Top Entry Ball Valve is here to help you out!

Top entry ball valve has unique advantages over side entry Ball valves, typically used in process systems where inline maintenance is preferred. Using top entry construction, it will be easy to repair or replace the internals, so you can check periodically and maintain for a long time. Apart from compact design and light weight, Oswal’s top entry ball valve is also robust in meeting stringent additional customized requirements besides complying standard’s requirements

We recently supplied 12 Nos of 16” 900# Top Entry Ball Valves to one of our International customer for LNG with following additional requirements.

  • While the valves complied to standard's features including Fire-safe, Anti-Static, Blowout proof stem, Cavity self-relief, Stem/Seat sealant injections etc., these valves also successfully tested for Double Block and Bleed and Single Piston / Double Piston effect.
  • Functional Testing done using Helium with temperature ranges from -46°C and +60°C @ test pressure of 139 Kg/cm²
  • SIL 3 certified
  • Valves are Pneumatic ESDs with the operating time of less than 30 seconds. Noise level must be less than 85 dB

Top Entry Ball Valve Image

Top Entry Ball Valve Product Range

Valve Type Class Rating Size Range
Top Entry Ball Valve 150# 2"- 24"
Top Entry Ball Valve 300# 2"- 16"
Top Entry Ball Valve 600# 2"- 16"
Top Entry Ball Valve 900# 2"- 16"
Top Entry Ball Valve 1500# 2"- 6"


Floating Ball Valves (Top Entry) are also available in below sizes:
Size 1/2" to 2" in SW / Screwed Ends / Flanged Ends

Above mentioned Valves are also available with following options wherever applicable
  • Electric/Pneumatic/Gas Over Oil/Hydraulic Actuators
  • accessories like Limit Switch, Position Indicator, Solenoid Valve,etc.
  • Tested for Fugitive Emission / Low Emission Application
  • We can also offer valves complying to TAT & SIL requirements
  • Locking Arrangement
  • For Oxygen Service
  • FM Approval
  • Under Ground installation
  • Extended Stem
  • Siesmic Qualification

What more a product to undergo to demonstrate it’s Rigidity and Stability!!

Oswal is always known for raising the bar in-terms of meeting the challenging needs of industries!! We are proud to be a “Value Engineering Partner” to our valued customers.

Are you looking for a quality partner? - You can count on us for flow control solutions!!

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