Fugitive Emission Valves

Oswal Industries Limited is world's leading manufacturer of Fugitive Emission Valves

Oswal’s valves to keep our air clean!!

Industries started taking measures to reduce the volume of volatile organic compounds released by industrial manufacturing processes to reduce air pollution.

Leaks from industrial equipment, like highly populated valves could cause majority of fugitive emissions. Most of the focus regarding fugitive emission in valves emanates from valve stem packing. Flange joints, Body-body connector joints, etc. are also the potential sources of fugitive emissions.

Fugitive emissions mean product loss which is a waste of money. A comprehensive valve could be a solution provider on many aspects including fugitive emission and maintaining them adequately is the best way to control fugitive emissions.

Oswal Industries Limited manufactures the valves which are qualified for Fugitive emission testing as per API 624 and 621, Ta Luft and ISO 15848-1. Oswal’s Fugitive emission valve types includes Trunnion-mounted Ball, floating Ball, Gate and Globe valves.


Oil & Gas industries
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Paper & Pulp


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