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There are unique risks and safety concerns associated with Oxygen systems.

There are even accidents in Oxygen systems due to wrong selection of valves, material etc. While pure oxygen under pressure is very reactive, gaseous oxygen is more prone to fire than liquid oxygen.

Proper design, materials selection, manufacturing and maintenance are highly critical for Oxygen service valves. Selection of suitable BAM certified lubricants, gaskets, gland packings is highly important.

Isolation valves should be operated either fully open or fully close and not to be used for throttling purpose. Eliminating burrs, avoiding sharp edges, chattering of disc are also to be ensured.

Cleanliness is critical for the safe operation of an oxygen system. The system and its components must be maintained to cleanliness levels that are consistent with the system design and potential ignition mechanisms present. Valve assembly for Oxygen service should be done in a clean atmosphere area or in clean room. Valve components are handled with lint free cloth and during valves assembly and it should be protected from contamination during storage / handling.

Separate testing equipment must be used which should be free from oil / dust. UV light inspection is to check the cleanliness and recleaning is necessary till the required cleanliness is ensured. ASTM manual 36, ASTM G63, ASTM G88 and ASTM G93 are the good references to make use.