An essential guide to globe valves

An essential guide to globe valves

Globe Valves are one of the most demanding valves out of all the categories. These valves are used in flow control operations and critical applications such as Oil & Gas sector across various upstream and downstream function, Marine, Fertilizer, Utilities etc. Globe valve is also recommended for critical applications such as Hydrocarbons, Severe service, Cryogenic, Hydrogen, Oxygen, NACE etc. The globe valves are multi-turn valves designed by globe valve manufacturers that are used to stop for limited throttle and start the flow control again. Are you someone who just came across this apparatus and has no idea how it works? Are you wanting to know where to buy high-quality globe valves? Are you looking for the top globe valve manufacturing company that will provide you with nice quality globe valves and better services? Then this blog is certainly everything you need as your essential guide to globe valves. In this blog, we attain to provide you with every information you require on globe valves in a more simplified form for you better understand.

What is a Globe Valve?

A Globe valve is a linear motion valve and are primarily designed to stop, start and regulate flow. The disk of a Globe valve can be totally removed from the flowpath or it can completely close the flowpath. It is designed by the globe valve manufacturers in a way that it promptly operates as required which means it is used to start or stop the flow with immediate effect. Conventional Globe valves may be used for isolation and throttling services. The major differentiator of globe valves compared to other valve types is that they are having high degree of reliability & experiences almost no leakages. The design of the gate valve is based on a disc which is also called the plug which is lowered on the seat gradually restricting the flow as the valve is closed.The Advantages of the Globe Valve include good shutoff Capability, easy maintenance and limited Throttling capability. The disadvantages include high-pressure drop compared to a gate valve, high torque and susceptibility to cavitation and flow including vibration.

The Working and parts of the Globe Valve

When installing these valves, the direction of the flow is very important, the globe valve has to be installed correctly for the direction of the fluid passing through it. The direction is printed on the valve by the valve manufacturers for your ease. There are several components of the gate valve just like the globe valve. When the handwheel is turned the threaded stem will rotate in the threaded bonnet attached to the bottom of the stem which is a disc. When the stem rotates the disc is rotated toward or away from the seat. When the disc is farthest away from the seat the valve is full on when the disc moves towards the seat, it is throttled. The typical globe usually has a metal seat and a metal disc. The metal disc is held in place by a nut by the globe valve manufacturers that secures it to the stem. The valve body forms two compartments which are joined together by the seat opening. The opening can be closed by the disc. One of the best things about the gate valve is that you can gradually close the valve and restrict the flow.

Types of Globe Valve

The different types of globe valves include the Zee type or Tee type globe valves, the angle globe valve and the wye globe valve. You can find all kinds of globe valves available at the globe valve suppliers and buy from them. The globe valves are manufactured differently by globe valve manufacturers considering their area of applications for your ease.

  • Tee pattern Globe Valve
  • Angle Globe Valve
  • Wye pattern globe valve

Certifications and Standardisation

The certification and standardisation depict the quality assurance and standard of the product which are being sold. So, if you are buying globe valves from the globe valve sellers then look at their certification first. It is because it gives an assurance of the product as they are gone through various levels of verifications to achieve the certifications. Oswal Valves is the best gate valve manufacturing company that has got various certificates for its product quality assurance and approvals.


Buy globe valves when you need the flow control to be in operation completely. There are no leakage experiences with globe valve. Buy globe valves from the top globe valve manufacturing company by keeping in view the standardisation and requirements. Make Oswal valves as our trusted partner from start to finish.

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