Everything you need to know about Emergency shutdown valves

Everything you need to know about Emergency shutdown valves

An emergency shutdown valve is a safety device that turns off automatically when the pressure exceeds a setpoint. It can be used in critical applications such as fire protection, industrial control, and potable water systems. Emergency shutdown valves are used to stop the flow of water and other liquids without causing damage to machinery or equipment. Are you looking for more information on ESDV valves? Also, do you want to buy ESDV valves online but have no idea where to buy them? Read this informative blog to have the answers to your queries on the same.

What is an Emergency Shutdown Valve?

An Emergency Shutdown Valve (ESDV) is a device that prevents the flow of fluid in case of emergency. An ESDV can be used in industries like chemical, food, and pharmaceutical as well as petrochemical industries. They are also widely used in industrial processes like drilling, pumping, refining, and manufacturing.

How to choose the right ESDV for my situation?

The best way to choose the right ESDV for your situation is to assess your current needs and then determine which type of ESDV will work best with those needs. In general, there are two main types of emergency shutdown valves: positive displacement and pressure-compensated automatic emergency shutdown valves. Other types of Emergency shutdown valves include butterfly type, general type and gate valve type. Each type of emergency shutdown valve has its specific function to perform and is used in the areas as per their expertise. You can shop for your required type of Emergency shutdown valve from a trusted ESDV manufacturing firm.

How does an ESDV work?

An ESDV is a valve that is used to control pressure in a pipeline. It can be used to close the flow of fluid through a pipeline, or it can be used to open up the flow of fluid through a pipeline. It is designed vigilantly to meet industry standards. It works effectively for all industries because almost every industry needs one. Hence, you must buy the best one.

Advantages of using an ESDV

ESDVs are a simple way to shut off a flow of water or gas. You can buy ESDVs online at the best prices available from top ESDVs manufacturing companies. The Emergency Shutdown Valves can be installed in many applications, such as:

  • Water supply
  • Gas supply
  • They're also cost-effective solutions because they don't require the use of expensive electrical equipment or specialized parts.
Why choose Oswal Industries Limited?

Oswal Industries Limited is the leading ESDV manufacturer and we have a wide range of all kinds of valves. We are a trusted brand, so you can trust us with your safety needs. Our product is versatile and follows all standards. The product is designed to control liquid flow in various ways for industrial, scientific, and commercial purposes. Emergency shutdown valves are commonly used in industrial applications. Our product is versatile, durable, and works great with all types of water. Our emergency shutdown valve uses the highest quality materials and has been tested to verify effectiveness, durability, and functionality. Our products are engineered to meet the most stringent standards in the industry. The stems of all the products are made up of polymer composite, which makes it a durable product. We follow all standards of valves which makes us the best and our ESDVs are manufactured in all class dimensions ranging from #150 to #2500.


ESDVs are an essential piece of safety equipment for any facility that processes dangerous chemicals or works with explosive materials. They can be installed in any well-engineered facility, from a small home office to commercial areas. You must buy it from reliable ESDV manufacturers to avoid unnecessary problems in the future.

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