Things to Know about Gate Valves

Things to Know about Gate Valves

Gate valves are usually used in piping systems and applications that do not require fast closures.

A gate valve is generally used to completely shut off fluid flow or in the fully open position to provide full flow in a pipeline. Thus, it is used either in fully closed or fully open positions. A gate valve consists of a valve body, seat and disc, a spindle, gland, and a handwheel for operating the valve. The seat and the gate together perform the function of shutting off the flow of fluid.

Gate valve manufacturers fabricate the gate valve with cutting-edge techniques that emerged due to the growing advancements in technology.

Are you looking to buy a perfect gate valve but have no idea where to? Also, you want to know the type of gate valves available in the marketplace and a lot more information on gate valves. Then this blog is definitely for you. Let’s dive deep into the topic of Things to Know about Gate Valves.

Applications of gate valves

Gate valves are versatile, and are used in various industries such as the Oil and Gas industry, Power, Fertilizers, Petrochemicals, Mining, Automotive, Steel, water treatment, and various process industries. Gate valves are used when a straight-line flow of fluid and minimum flow restriction are needed. Gate valves use a sliding obturator within the valve body to stop, limit, or permit full flow of fluids through the valve. The obturator in Gate is usually wedge-shaped. When the valve is wide open, the gate is fully drawn into the valve bonnet. This leaves the flow passage through the valve fully open with no flow restrictions. Therefore, there is little or no pressure drop or flow restriction through the valve. Gate valve manufacturers in India design the gate valves in a way that works well under high-temperature applications and high-pressure environments such as power plants, mining, and water treatment.

There are Gate valve variants, capable to perform slurry and viscous applications also. Three are various product design standards and testing standards being followed among industries.

Types of Gate Valves:

Gate valves are broadly classified as either rising-stem or non-rising-stem valves.

The non-rising-stem valve, the stem is threaded into the gate. As the handwheel on the stem is rotated, the gate travels up or down the stem on the threads while the stem remains vertically stationary.

Valves with rising stems are used when it is important to know by immediate inspection whether the valve is open or closed or when the threads exposed to the fluid could become damaged by fluid contamination. In this valve, the stem rises out of the valve bonnet when the valve is opened.

Gate valves come under various types and some of the popular terminologies are given below

Flexible Wedge Gate valve
Bolted Bonnet Gate valve
Solid Wedge Gate Valve
Rising and Non-Rising Stem

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